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Introducing #12in21

Introducing #12in21
By Dan Schoonmaker • Issue #1 • View online
It’s a new year and I’m ready to try something ambitious… I’m going to build and launch 12 side projects in 2021. You can read more about it in my #12in21 blog post or reach out to me directly on Twitter!

Dan Schoonmaker
New goal... build & release 12 side projects

I'm calling it #12in21

You should follow along as I #BuildInPublic
Week #1... Here we go!
Starting with very few followers makes the first project a little less exciting. For that reason, I’m going to start with the project I’m the least excited about, and that is the “no-code project”.
If I’m not even excited, then why am I doing it? To be honest, I’ve been wanting to see what all the buzz is about with tools like and Webflow for a while now, and this feels like as good a time as any to experiment. I do this all the time to try and learn about stuff outside of my day-to-day work. I find it allows me to speak intelligently about a topic since I now have first-hand experience using it. A great example of this is when I randomly taught myself everything there is to know about Wordpress when I was younger. This #NoCode movement feels very similar…
Initial Thoughts
This project is easy for me because I already have something I want to build. I’ve been wanting to add a Podcasting Job Board to my project and also have it connected to the Caster Community. I already have a job-board channel in the community, so it seems to make sense that I create a marketplace where podcasters can post jobs/tasks they want help with, and allow for people with those skills to apply.
I do have a few questions floating around my head…
  • Webflow or Bubble or some other tool?
  • Is it cheating to use a template?
  • Where should I document my progress? Directly in this newsletter? My personal blog? Or maybe IndieHacker?
  • Do these no-code tools allow me to call an API to fetch data and display it elsewhere?
  • Are their Zapier skills to connect the app with Slack?
Next Steps
I’m going to spend my day off doing some research into these tools and report back what I learn. In the meantime, I would love it if you would shoot me a Tweet and let me know what you think about #12in21!
Maybe start with something like…
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You should join me!
The reason I write it out as the #12in21 hashtag is that I’d love for others to join in. It doesn’t necessarily need to be shipping 12 projects like me. Maybe you want to publish 12 podcast episodes? Or read 12 books? Let’s aim to complete just one thing a month and I’m sure at the end of the year you’ll be grateful you did!
Until next time!
- Dan
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Dan Schoonmaker

My journey launching 12 side projects in 2021

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